Firefighting Robots

These little robots from South Korea are designed to be the first responders inside a burning structure.  As such, they are the eyes and sensors for the human firefighters.  Their job is to help plan a path through the inferno to let the humans safely extinguish the blaze.  In this article from, this robot and one other firefighting bot are detailed.  You can click on the links below to see the whole story and also a video of these little machines in action.

firefighting robot

Credit:  Hoya Robot

( — Two South Korean firms have developed mini firefighting robots to help human firefighters safely plan their course of action before entering a blazing building. Hoya Robot has developed a Firefighters Assistance Robot (dubbed a Fire …

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Snake Robots to Become More Intelligent

If researchers in Norway are successful, a more intelligent snakebot could be crawling its way up a pipe near you.  Scientists at SINTEF in Norway are working to make snake robots as smart as a teenager.  These robotic snakes have many possible applications besides inspecting pipes.  One possibility is that of acting as a robotic fire hose.  The snakebot could use the high pressure water in the hose as its power source and as the fire extinguisher.  Of course, these types of robots are also being explored as possible search and rescue devices since they could reach areas inaccessible to other more conventional machines.  See one of the previous posts here at RobotNext on snakebots.  Read the complete article at  Follow the links below. 

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The robot children
The brains of the snake robots are still no more advanced than that of a one-year-old, but scientists at SINTEF (Norway) want to bring them up to the level

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