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Retired high school teacher, now a robotics consultant and writer.


In 1999, I achieved a lifetime goal when I received a Master of Science in Space Studies from the University of North Dakota. Previously, I earned a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Education from Baylor University. During my 25 years of experience as an educator, I have been involved in developing and implementing many space education projects. Along with another teacher, I designed, built, and operated a classroom simulation involving a space flight simulator and a mission control simulator for students in which “space flights” were conducted. In addition, for the last nine years of my teaching career I was the faculty advisor and coach for a high school robotics team that designed, built, and operated robots in competitive events.

Since 2008, I have continued to mentor robotics teams. And during that time, I worked as a consultant and mentor for a STEM Academy robotics program, and have been an employee for an international robotics education organization.

Additionally, I have worked at NASA during the summer as an educational consultant. My assignments included writing space related curriculum for several projects. These projects have included Mars Soil Sleuths, an elementary curriculum using Mars soil stimulant, and Touching Other Worlds, a high school curriculum that investigated lunar and Mars meteorites. I have been a GTE GIFT Fellow, and was awarded the 2000-2001 Christa McAuliffe Fellowship by the Texas Education Agency.


space exploration, robotics, and science

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