I Want Robot Taxis

This may be the future of public transit.  You can imagine jumping in one at any point in the city and then traveling to the location of your choice.  Sort of gives you the feel of a private car, even if it is public transportation.  Go to the article link below to see a series of photos of the concept vehicle.

This morning the L line was halted in NYC—my roommate and hundreds of desperate Williamsburg hipsters couldn't get into Manhattan. And while the subway is still great*, I wish we had Robot Taxis.

These are just a concept by Czech firm Kubik Design. Their Robot Taxis are a (pretty) variation of something that has been in science-fiction novels and the trippy brains of those who have suffered and enjoyed the pain and advantages of public transportation forever.

From Gizmoto and [Kubik Design via Ecodrive]

I Want Robot Taxis [Transportation]
Jesus Diaz
Wed, 13 May 2009 19:40:00 GMT

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