Robots That Learn Like Babies

Intelligence is the thing missing from robots today.  Researchers are working to develop ways for robots to develop human-like intelligence.  In humans, intelligence is developed during the growth process, so if robots are ever to become intelligent, they will have to acquire the ability to learn over many years.  Now, robot research is designing machines that can mimic how babies grow and develop.  Einstein, as the robot is called, has 27 motors in its face that give it dozens of expressions.  The point of this is to give a robot the ability to relate to humans.  Read the article below at Smithsonian for more details.


Building a robot that humans can love is pretty ambitious.  But Javier Movellan (in his San Diego lab with RUBI) says he would like to develop a robot that loves humans.

Photo Credit:  Timothy Archibald

Einstein the robot has enchanting eyes, the color of honey in sunlight. They are fringed with drugstore-variety false eyelashes and framed by matted gray brows made from real human hair.

Robot Babies
Smithsonian – USA
Sat, 20 Jun 2009 20:53:19 GMT

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