Must-have toys teach a must-have message – Roanoke Times

After posting articles on the dark side of robotics, this one is a much more positive one.  Although the story from yesterday about the roboskin robot certainly shows something that has been created for a human need, it has the potential for a dark side.  The robots here were created for the express purpose of only saving lives.  Plus, these robots are something that one could see marketed as next year’s Christmas gifts.  After you read the excerpt below, follow the link to see the complete article.

Sparky, the Blacksburg Fire Department's "talking" Dalmatian, captures the attention of children during an open house in 2006. Photo courtesy of the Dublin Fire Department Addie Crigger gives the Dublin Fire Department's Patches, a robotic Dalmatian …

Must-have toys teach a must-have message – Roanoke Times
Sun, 10 May 2009 05:34:00 GMT

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