By Imitating Insects, Microbots Demonstrate Hive Behaviors

Robot researchers constantly use nature as a model for new robotic developments. Here is another example of this in these microbots.

In particular, the application to robotics has to do with the idea of swarm behaviors.  Insects such as ants and termites tend to act as a unit.  Even though they are small, when they act together, they can accomplish amazing feats.  Termites build large, complex mounds with intricate tunnels.  Ants can organize large hunting parties and carry out raids against larger insects and sometimes even animals.

Swarm of robots have been developed with up to 90 robots organized into a single-acting, focused unit.  As of now, most of these applications have been in the military area.  Gathering intelligence, locating mines and explosives, and surveillance are three common applications commonly used today in the armed forces.  What will truly be a robotics revolution is when swarm robots are used in the home or personal arena.  Imagine several robots in your house working together to clean the floors, do the laundry, and prepare meals.  This is where the future of personal robots may be headed.

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"Fifty years ago, predictions for the future always included robots that would, by now, be doing most of our daily domestic chores. While that hasn't happened, robots have had a huge impact on our lives, but in industry rather than the home."


Robots Are Really Cooking Now

Robot chef 2

Photo Credit:  The Sun

Industry and the military have been two of the biggest users of robots.  Now
it is time for robots to move into the home in a big way.  Sure, robot vacuums
have been used in many homes for years, but there is a real need to see robots
in more common roles.  Robots need to be able to perform such tasks as cooking
and security.  Now the Japanese have created robots that can cook pancakes,
prepare sushi, and chop vegetables.  Check out the article link below for the
story from Reuters
It includes video of the robot cooking Japanese pancakes.

Robots will be moving into American homes to perform many tasks.  Mostly, I
believe, these robots will be used by an aging population.  These machines will
allow older people to remain in their homes and not have to go to nursing
homes.  See the second article for the complete story.

These two stories are related by the common theme of robots moving into the
home.  In the very near future robots will not only do routine jobs around the
house–they will be a valuable companion.

prepares robots to take over the kitchen

"We all know that robots can be very useful. We want to take that utility out
of the factory so that they can be used elsewhere," said Narito Hosomi,
president of Toyo Riki, manufacturers of the pancake-cooking

prepares robots to take over the kitchen

Jun 10, 2009 6:28am EDT

are a man's best friend

Yet the idea of robots conjures
images of aliens descending from the mothership rather than utilitarian
efficiency. But get ready, because robotics are coming to the American household
full force. Oh, they're already here, of course, in industrial and

are a man's best friend – KIVI-TV

Wed, 10 Jun 2009 17:49:07 GMT

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