Band of Brothers and Bots?

Military personnel become so attached to their fighting robots that they actually give them names and mourn their loss.  This phenomenon is documented in the article at  I have written several posts about military robots in RobotNext that may have a dark side, but there is no doubt that they save lives and that the soldiers that fight along side them develop close ties with the machines. In one case, even an inspired father sought to develop a robot in honor of his son.

Real soldiers love their robot brethren
Thousands of robots now fight with humans on modern battlefields that resemble scenes from science fiction movies such as "Terminator Salvation ." But the real world poses a more complex situation than humans versus robots, and has added new twists to
Welcome The Robot Apocalypse With Our 'Terminator: Salvation
Real Soldiers Love Their Robot Brethren
6 real robots that are Terminators in the making DVICE
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Real soldiers love their robot brethren –
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