High-Tech Robot To Aid Nature Conservancy

KPBS has this story about an advanced remotely-operated vehicle (ROV) that will be used by the Nature Conservancy to explore the ocean near the California coast.  The purpose of using this undersea robot is to reach areas of the marine environment that is not accessible to human divers because of the depth.  Mainly, this is an area of canyons and reefs in the Channel Islands Marine Protected Areas.  The 500 pound machine essentially flies over the ocean floor taking high resolution video and photographs of deep marine life.  One other thing, the Nature Conservancy is having an online naming contest for the robot.  The contest ends on August 31,2009.  If you submit a name, post it here in a comment.  Let us know what you submitted as a choice for this robot’s name.  RobotNext has no part in the contest except as an interested party in seeing if any readers participate in naming this bot.

High-Tech ROV

Photo by Nancy Crowley / The Nature Conservancy

High-Tech Robot Explores Waters Off California
An environmental group is using an underwater robot for ocean research off the California coast. The high-tech tool will explore areas beyond

High-Tech Robot Explores Waters Off California – KPBS
Mon, 03 Aug 2009 13:12:30 GMT

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