Baddest movie robot: the votes are in! –

So, do you agree with their choices for top villain robot in a starring role or even as a supporting actor/actress.  This poll made me wonder who is the most heroic robot from the world of cinema.  Personally, even though he is an android, I would give Data from Star Trek:  The Next Generation the top ranking.  After all, he does give the ultimate sacrifice in the tenth and so far final ST movie.  So, what do you think?  Give your choice of the best "good" robot from a movie.  Make sure and tell why you think so.  (Sounds like an exam question, but its not meant to.  The teacher in me just can’t help it!)


The lines are closed, the results are in. No, not on tedious iPhone-related stuff – it’s far more important than that. Yes, your resounding verdict on the baddest movie robot was… the Terminator, with a bone-crunching 35% of the vote, even if he …

Baddest movie robot: the votes are in! –
Sat, 14 Jun 2008 00:31:00 GMT

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