Robots for Mars

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Check out this article listed on the Robotics & Automation blog.  This is the human/machine interface that is already being used by NASA in the International Space Station operations.  More of this type of interaction will be seen in other areas of life as robots are integrated into society.  Some current examples of this are the military, ocean exploration, and medicine.

"NASA scientists plan on prepositioning robots and robotic rovers on the red planet before the first astronauts arrive. That way, the robots will be ready to help their human counterparts on what probably will be NASA’s most taxing mission yet."

Robots for Mars
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Fri, 13 Jun 2008 03:00:00 GMT


  1. Ok, life saving robots and Doctors on moving robotic monitors. That I can understand. But tiny little robot with ears to wear and use a stethoscope?
    Now im afraid you’ve lost me. ^o^;

    Oh and I’ve heard of NASA’s work on mars. Did Phoenix, a mars rover sent to detect substances in the soil, land sometime ago?

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