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Snakebots in a Building!

Image: HyDRAS-Ascent prototype robot

No, this is not the sequel to a recent action film from Hollywood.  It is a proposal for a new type of robot that can be used on constructions sites for tall buildings.  The snakebot is one of the latest proposals for robots to assist humans in work that is too dangerous or difficult for humans to perform.

Nature continues to provide the model for many types of robots.  Although I would not have thought of a robot based on a snake, obviously some very creative people have seen a snake as a great model.  This article explores the application for the robot modeled on a snake.


Snakebots could take over construction sites
IT Examiner, India – 2 hours ago
By Nick Farrell @ Tuesday, January 20, 2009 7:27 AM A new robot design could help build tall buildings where humans are in danger of falling.

Note:  This post has been edited from the original to update links to photos.

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