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Robotics Booming in High Schools: Universities and Colleges Lag Behind

Programs such as FIRST and BEST have provided elementary, middle, and high school students with opportunities in robotics.  Close to 40,000 high school students participate in FIRST Robotics, but there is a lack of college level programs to absorb all these students.  Although this article is specific to Massachusetts, I suspect the story is the same for other states.  Read the article below for more details.

Robotics is booming, but education lags
Mass High Tech,  USA
By Brendan Lynch.

Massachusetts’ robotics cluster is thriving despite the recession — but the state is in danger of losing its edge due to the scarcity of collegiate robotics programs. Colleges like MIT, Harvard University, the Franklin W. Olin College

Robotics is booming, but education lags – Mass High Tech
Fri, 10 Apr 2009 04:18:34 GMT

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