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Flying surveillance robots from Aeryon

Security forces and local police may soon have a new tool to use in their work.  This two pound robot is packaged as a kit that fits in a suitcase-sized container.  It can be assembled and operating in a short time.  Using a simple interface that works with a Google maps application, the operator merely points at the target on the map and the flying robot is directed to that location.  It has the ability to stay aloft for 20 minutes and can fly at an altitude of 500 feet.  The robot is equipped with a camera to take stills or stream video back to the controller.  With a $50,000 price tag, it won’t be sold to individuals.  Right now, the only place the robot can fly is Canada.  It may take another six months or so for the FAA to approve its use in the USA.

Credit: CNET News

Flying surveillance robots from Aeryon coming in 6 months, give or
At the Always On Stanford Summit, Aeryon Labs president Dave Kroetsch gave a compelling pitch on his company, which makes a two-pound robot helicopter that


The Aeryon Scout and its tablet-based control computer.

(Credit: Aeryon)

Flying surveillance robots from Aeryon coming in 6 months, give or … – CNET News
Thu, 30 Jul 2009 00:04:20 GMT

Firefighting Robot Team

Here is the mechanical fantastic four of fire fighting showcased in a story by BBC.  They even have names that would be fitting of any superhero.  You have Talon, Bison, Black Max, and Brokk.  Each robot is a specialist, but they work as a team to handle special fire situations involving gas cylinders.  Talon is a small, maneuverable tracked robot like the bomb disposal machines in Iraq. It can climb stairs, and is outfitted with video and thermal imaging cameras.  Next is Bison, a slightly bigger and more dexterous robot that uses grippers and cutting tools to access vehicles or storage areas.  Then, there is Black Max to take care of the traditional fire-fighting task. It is four-wheeled, remote-controlled vehicle that sits low to the ground and carries a fire hose.  Brokk is the final team member.  It is a modified piece of industrial digging equipment that is remotely controlled and fitted with a giant claw to remove dangerous objects.  Read the story of these mechanical fire fighters at the links below.

Credit:  Channel 4 News

Robotic firefighting team debuts
BBC News
The robots range from a nimble, stair-climbing reconnaissance unit to a diesel-powered robot with a large claw. The two-year project is funded by Network
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Robotic firefighting team debuts – BBC News
Tue, 28 Jul 2009 14:02:00 GMT

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