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Spherical robots are not new, its just that they have had a few drawbacks.  Primarily, how does a sphere climb over obstacles like large boulders that are in its path?  Greg Schroll has developed a possible solution to that problem by using gyroscopes to maintain momentum.  His invention has possible applications in space exploration, environmental studies, and underwater research.  Check out some of the previous spherical robots covered here on RobotNext.  The NXT-based rolling robot and the hamster ball for lunar exploration are two good examples.

Spherical Robot

Credit:  Westword

By Rob Fisher in Tech ​Colorado State grad student Greg Schroll has taken the idea of the spherical robot — basically a robot contained in a ball,
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A CSU grad student's rolling robot is turning heads, but what the hell do we
Tue, 13 Oct 2009 17:51:37 GMT

Robot Ready for Shovel-Ready Moon Projects

Here is a project that combines two of my great passions:  space exploration and robots.   These college students have developed a robot for the NASA Regolith Excavator Centennial Challenge at Ames Research Air Force Base in Mountain View, California, on October 17.  Winner of the challenge will win a half a million dollars.  In order to even qualify, the robot must dig 150 kg of simulated lunar regolith in under 30 minutes.  You can watch the video on You Tube of the robot in action as it scoops dirt in both directions and then travels up a ramp to dump the load.  Will it make the goal or not?  Check out the complete story at

Credit: Global BC

UBC engineering students unveil moon dust-shoveling robot
( — A robot designed by UBC students will be shoveling moon dust at an international robotics competition, vying for a $500000 prize
Engineering students build moon dirt digging robot for NASA competition  Vancouver Sun
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UBC engineering students unveil moon dust-shoveling robot –
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Mon, 12 Oct 2009 15:40:51 GMT

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