Autonomous DIY robot based on cheap MAKE Controller

 make_controller_mobile_robot_1-480x317 If you want to build your own robot, this one looks like it could be the one to try first.  I saw this article on the SlashGear site and thought it would be worth looking into.  Also, I have included a quote from the Make website about the controller and some of its specs.  Please note that the base of this robot is a Linxmotion Rover Chassis.  The web site states that this product is discontinued or out of stock.  There is apparently another version available from  This last site is listed in a comment to the original posting and the price is more than the original Linxmotion Rover Chassis.  I looked at the site and it may be a different item.

The article from Slashgear can be found below.

“It seems like DIY robots are gaining momentum, as more low-cost and straightforward controllers become available. Latest is this wireless-equipped model,”
SlashGear –

Check out the Make page for the details on the Make Controller.

“The Make Controller is built around the AT91SAM7X256, and adds the essential components (like the crystal, voltage regulator, filter capacitors, etc.) required to run it, while bringing almost all the processor's signal lines out to standard 0.1" spaced sockets. The software environment remains constant no matter what you plug the Make Controller into – the firmware libraries are organized and documented, making it clear which are compatible with the Controller and Application boards.”

Make Controller 2.0 & Interface Board  can be found at .

Autonomous DIY robot based on cheap MAKE Controller – SlashGear
Chris Davies
Tue, 19 May 2009 14:23:48 GMT

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