Robotic Bed Converts into Wheelchair by Voice Command

I guess there are days when anyone could use a robotic bed.  Imagine having this special bed for the mornings when you just can’t get up and you need to make it to the kitchen where your robotic coffeemaker has the caffeine waiting.  This bed makes itself into a wheelchair that can carry you to your desired destination. Okay, so that was just to get your attention.  

Seriously, this robot was not developed for the lazy or the sleepy.  It is for the patient who has a medical disability that keeps him or her from moving about on their own.  Activated by voice commands, the robot can convert itself into a motorized wheelchair with no other input from the patient.  There is a security monitor to allow the person see what is happening in other rooms.  It can even turn the patient to prevent bedsores.  Watch the video on You Tube and check out the stories at the links below.

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Robotic bed that converts into a wheelchair
Business Standard
The robot also helps the user turn over to prevent bedsores. Panasonic, which formed a robotic unit last year, sees a profitable future in robotics.
Wheelchair Bed Robot Daily Contributor 

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Robotic bed that converts into a wheelchair – Business Standard
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