ViRob Follow-up

This is a follow-up to a recent post here on RobotNext on the ViRob.  In this medGadget story, more of the details of the microrobot are explained.  The first target for treatment will probably be lung cancer.  This little robot is ideal for reaching tumors in the lung and delivering a direct dose of chemical agent to the cancer cells.  medGadget has the story along with some great photos of the little robot.  Check out the links below.

… to lung tumors as well as take samples from different areas within the body. In addition, a number of these micro robots could simultaneously treat a variety of metastases. Researchers also plan to install additional equipment on the robot, …

ViRob, a Cavities Crawler
Thu, 28 May 2009 17:12:32 GMT

Antibiotic Bot

(Well, not really, but read on …)

The next thing in robots may not be a big deal at all, in fact, it will be very, very small.  This bot is not actually antibiotic.  It is more like a monoclonal antibody.  If you remember the old science fiction movie Fantastic Voyage, then this story is going to sound familiar.  Okay, so the robot is not shrunk down in a miniaturization machine – it is built that way to start with, but it will be injected into the body and have the ability to travel through the blood stream and treat cancer tumors. 

This is the holy grail of oncology:  targeted treatment of the cancer so that healthy tissue is not harmed.  I can tell you from personal experience that anything that can reduce or eliminate the side effects of cancer treatment would be welcomed by patients dealing with malignancies.  Click on the photo or the link below to read the whole story.


Image: Courtesy of Ruder Finn Israel

The Tiny Robot that Can Crawl Through Your Veins—And Treat Your Tumors
Discover Magazine, NY
Researchers at the Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa have developed a miniature crawling robot, called ViRob, that can crawl through your lungs, find a tumor, and zap it with drugs. The bot, which is one millimeter long and four millimeters from

The Tiny Robot that Can Crawl Through Your Veins—And Treat Your Tumors – Discover Magazine
Tue, 26 May 2009 17:52:03 GMT

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