Robotic Da Vinci Tickles Walls

This is one of the most elegant robot designs I have ever seen, even if it is a spider!  The following post from details the story about this very interesting robot.

The year is 2058 and you’re bored of your home's drab walls. The emotion is sensed by a strange spider-like robot hiding in the corner. He comes to life and dances across your wall. As you watch, a beautiful rendition of the Mona Lisa begins to appear. He returns as quick as he appeared and you're left with a new view and attitude. This robotic Da Vinci is named xirrou, and brought to you by concept designer Christian Gumpold.

There is a great series of photos at Yanko Design and NachoFoto Gallery.

Robotic Da Vinci Tickles Walls
Mon, 11 May 2009 14:01:20 GMT

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