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New mission for Mars robot


This is a mission that the robotic visitor to the Red Planet may not complete.  Officials at the Jet Propulsion Lab realize the difficulty of the long trip.  See the JPL press release.  The Sun has a report on the journey and the robotic explorer which will attempt it.

THE NASA robot roaming Mars is set to embark on a two-year mission to reach a giant crater on the planet. The Mars rover Opportunity needs to travel seven miles to reach the crater, named Endeavor.  See the rest of the article here.

New mission for Mars robot – The Sun
Fri, 17 Oct 2008 06:17:00 GMT

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Koreans Develop Robotic Plant

Chonnam National University /Yonhap

Chonnam National University /Yonhap

The robot research laboratory at Chonnam National University has developed a robotic plant that has humidifying, oxygen-producing, aroma-emitting, and kinetic functions. The robot was developed using characteristics of plants normally grown for ornamental purposes. It is 130 cm tall and 40 cm in diameter and consists of a pot, a stem, and five buds of a flower reminiscent of a rose of Sharon.  See the rest of the story here.

Robotic plants to produce oxygen are an interesting idea.  So if the plant robot could also remove carbon dioxide in the process, then it would mimic a real plant's function in limiting greenhouse gases.  Of course, you would need a lot of robotic plants to accomplish the task of removing excess carbon dioxide from our atmosphere, but it does make you think about it.

This article also makes the point that this type of robot opens a new field (pun intended) for robotics

.  We have seen many types of robots imitating animal and insect functions.  Now it is the turn of the flora of the world to provide the next innovative robots.

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Immune System For Electronics? = Robot Apocalypse?

For those who don’t know me, let me tell you that I like to be prepared for the impossible. So when I say, I’ve been preparing for the Robot Apocalypse; truth be told, I’ve actually been researching anything that may lead to such end. So when I see Bristol Robotics Lab, which is run by University of Bristol and University of the West of England, doing research on an Immune System for Electonics, i.e. giving robots self-awareness and self-regenerative powers–I begin to fear the end is nigh.

God Save Us All!

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Immune System For Electronics? Electronics That Can Diagnose And
Science Daily (press release) – 23 hours ago
The part of the project to be carried out in Bristol will be based at Bristol Robotics lab (BRL), which is jointly run by the University of Bristol and UWE.

Immune System For Electronics? Electronics That Can Diagnose And … – Science Daily (press release)
Thu, 02 Oct 2008 14:32:05 GMT

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