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Robotic Self Healing Chair

Robotic Self Healing Chair

Having not entirely picked a specific topic to talk about, I came upon this video which in my opinion was very unique. This Robotic Chair destroys itself than puts itself back together. I believe it autonomously finds the pieces through sensors and- what I thought was a really amazing thing-screws itself into place. It seems like pretty simple ideas but the astonishing part is how its picks itself up back into place. I could see how this could be used, if human functional, as a wonderful prank to pull on somebody. Could you just imagine a friend sitting on this chair and then it breaks spontaneously?


FIRST REPORT: Jaguar vs. Victor 884

Jaguar vs Victor

This year, FIRST Robotics is introducing a new control system for its FRC competition.  Part of that new control system is a new speed controller.  However the old speed controller can still be used on the robots.  So that leads to the question:  Which would you prefer–the new and improved jaguar speed controller or a product that has been proven to work really well in past competitions?


Click on the photo to follow the link to the Chief Delphi entry by Anthony Lapp and the comments in the thread.


Whatever else you think about these two speed controllers, you have to be impressed by the size of the Jaguar compared to the Victor.  For the other significant stats on these two devices see below and follow the links for even more information.


Jaguar (shown on right):

Quiet control of brushed DC motors
– 20 kHz PWM frequency
Speed control
– Industry standard R-C Servo type (PWM) interface
Status LED indicates run, direction, and fault conditions
Limit switch inputs for forward and reverse directions
Integrated over-current protection
Screw terminals for all power wiring
Headers (0.1 inch pitch) for all control signals


Victors 884 (shown on right):

Standard R/C Type PWM

6v to 15v

Power one motor with variable speed forward,reverse, or off


My view is go with your gut and chose the one that will work best for you.  What do you think?


**This post submitted by Rudy Pena, but posted by Mike Henry due to some technical problems.

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