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Ever had the urge to just build a robot? Well, here is your chance. Some of the sites on the net have interesting projects that are fun to build and in many cases you may have most of the parts. Two of my favorite sites are and There are projects that range from modifying a Roomba to building one inch cube bots. So go ahead and start building!

One of my favorite projects is the mouse bot. The introduction from the site gives a brief description.

“Mousebot is a simple bot that uses two “eyes” to sense light and then turns towards the light. A single large “whisker” is mounted on the front of the mouse to detect collisions. A collision with a wall will cause the mouse to reverse and turn then take off in another direction.”

You can visit the instructables site for complete intructions to the build on this little robot. So don’t be shy – try to build a bot and maybe customize it to be your own.

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