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Drumming Robot Named Haile Follows the Beat

This Geogia Tech product can follow along with a human drummer and come up with its own rhythms.  From Neatorama, this story features the robot playing drums with a human musician and it is quite inventive in its musicality.  My wife found the drumming “irritating” and wanted it stopped, however, I found it sort of pleasant, if not exactly Buddy Rich.  An interesting display of a robot that is able to process information quickly and make creative decisions.  I know some will find the use of the word creative here somewhat inappropriate, but the robot’s programming is acting in a creative fashion to make rhythms that are following the general patterns laid-down by the human participant.  Listen to the drumming example on the You Tube link below.  You decide.

Gil Weinberg and Scott Driscoll of Georgia Tech developed a robot that can improvise rhythms as it hears music: Haile is a robotic percussionist that can listen to live players, analyze their music in real-time, and use the product of
Neatorama –

Haile the Drumming Robot – Neatorama
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