PR2: Plugging Along for Robots That Can Relate


Photo Credit:  Willow Garage

Imagine a robot that can navigate through closed doors, around objects, and find electrical outlets to recharge its batteries.  An experimental robot developed at Willow Garage has done just that.  This machine negotiated its way through the course in under an hour according to researchers.

John Markoff, in the online version of the New York Times, reported the following:

Willow Garage, a Silicon Valley robotics research group, said that its experimental PR2 robot, which has wheels and can travel at speeds up to a mile and a quarter per hour, was able to open and pass through 10 doors and plug itself into 10 standard wall sockets in less than an hour.

In the article titled Opening Doors on the Way to a Personal Robot, Mr. Markoff details the progress of the research robot.  For more information and video of the robot, check out the website link below.

The PR2 development platform is a two-armed mobile robot designed for mobile manipulation research and applications. Its size and proportions are similar to that of a human, optimizing its ability to perform tasks in everyday –

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