Robots to Care for Elderly

In a recent post here on RobotNext, the market for home robots was mentioned.   Although the robot featured in the article had been developed with the idea of showing that a robot can perform tasks in the kitchen, it demonstrates that robots are being developed that have skills useful in a home.

Robots are already used for vacuuming and washing floors around the house, but it will take a robot that can do those things plus cook, monitor security, interact as a companion, and perform as a nurse to be a true personal robot.  Check out the articles below for more details on this robot from Geckosystems.


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Why is Grandma really interested in a CareBot? She wants to stay in her home, or her family's home, as long as she possibly can. What's that worth? Priceless. Or, an average nursing home is $5,000 per month for an environment that is too often the beginning of a spiral downward in the care receiver's health. That's probably $2-3K more per month for them to be placed where they really don't want to be. Financial payback on a CareBot? Less than a year. Emotional payback for the family to have this new automatic care giver? Nearly instantaneous.

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