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Robot Surgeon Finds Tiny Shrapnel Pieces

This robot could change the way some surgeries are done.  Biopsies could be done almost anywhere and cost only a few dollars.  I see these robots being used by the military to treat combat wounds.  Robotic surgeries are becoming more common for even very complicated procedures.  Check out the articles at the links below.  Look at the link on the photo and see what you think about this machine.

Robot Surgeon

Photo Credit:  Duke University |

June 25, 2009 — A robotic surgeon at Duke University has successfully found and guided a needle to a sliver of steel shrapnel, completely without human help. The technology could reduce the cost and time necessary to complete a biopsy and other …

Robot Surgeon Finds Tiny Shrapnel – Discovery News
Thu, 25 Jun 2009 19:41:00 GMT

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