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Robots based on life forms such as insects are the model for most swarm-type robot systems.  This is just one more example of that idea.  Small machines that work together for some larger purpose bring efficiency to space robotic explorers. 

This efficiency comes from the fact that such systems as these can actually adapt themselves to multiple functions.  At least this is how I see this developing.  These robot systems can be used for many applications, but may have found their "home" in exploring other planets.

For more on this, read the article listed below.

Robotic ants building homes on Mars?
ICT Results, Belgium – 54 minutes ago
Robot swarms are particularly useful in situations where you need high redundancy. If one robot malfunctions or is damaged it does not cause the mission to

Robotic ants building homes on Mars? – ICT Results
Mon, 20 Oct 2008 22:02:16 GMT

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  1. Woh, thats really kool. They are so cute and tiny. But I wonder, wouldn’t they need the ability to pick up things? I’m not sure if they can do that because they are so small and don’t have much stability because they move by vibration. Even if you got enough to do it, maybe they could but maybe I missed something. I wish that had more video footage of them interacting. What was interesting is that they are programming these tiny robots to have programmed interpretations of the sensory of ants. If this last sentence makes any sense, HA. Yup…neat ideas…

  2. Hinoki Sai says

    Sounds interesting…Robot ants on mars. The video of the robots interacting is pretty amazing. It looks like the team achieved what they were trying to do. It would be interesting to see what they can do it the team is able to finish and send them to mars.

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